Forest Enterprise Research

The South African Forestry Charter prioritised the entry of a large number of new black owned enterprises into the Forestry Sector.  It also identified the forestry industry as a catalyst for empowering rural and local black communities to access economic activities, land, infrastructure, ownership and skills.

Forestry is, however, one of the industries with the highest barriers to entry especially in terms of start-up costs and capital investment, making it difficult for new and small scale forestry entrepreneurs to procure funding for capital investment.  They are also restricted by a lack of information about forestry operations that prevent them from estimating profitability and business sustainability.  It would thus be unfair to expect new enterprises to drive industry competitiveness without appropriate enterprise development support.

Forest Enterprise Research combines operational, economic and financial research to assist the forestry entrepreneur in the development of enterprise solutions that will increase the sustainability of the forestry value chain.  Forest operational research provides a framework to develop and test new methods and operations while economic and financial research
relates operations to profitability.

Forestry value chain (S Ackerman)