Forestry Enterprise Simulator (ForEntSim) Project

The aim of the “Forestry Enterprise Simulator” (ForEntSim) project is to provide a tool with which the feasibility and profitability of forestry enterprises and the efficiency of value chains can be tested through value chain simulations.

The ForEntSim addresses the following objectives:
• Ex-ante simulation of new enterprise ventures to test viability and capital requirements.
• Simulation of existing forestry value chains to identify potential improvements that will increase profitability.
• Simulation of the effect of research results on forestry value chains to define return on research investment.

To register and test the profitability of your forestry operations – Click Here. You have to register to make use of the simulator. Your data will be maintained in an anonymous database to help us develop regional averages. It will not be used for any commercial purposes or made available as individual user information.

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